Devotion to Cristo del Consuelo

The Church of Cristo del Consuelo, located south west of the city is an important catholic center of Guayaquil and Ecuador. On Good Friday, during Easter Week, the Procession of Cristo del Consuelo takes place, which is one of the most important Christian demonstrations in the country. This Faith tour includes the visitation of the church with the assistance of a specialized touristic guide who will show you the principal treasures. Then you will be taken to the Faith monument that is located a few minutes away from the church, and also to the public plaza, which is located between the estuaries of Puerto Lisa and Mogollon where you can observe the monumental 36-meter high effigy. 

Program Includes: Transportation, Tourist Guide, Ticket, Hydration, Box Lunch

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Toruistics Attractives:

  • The Church of Cristo del Consuelo

  • The Faith Monument