History:  the people of Guayaquil have promoted this project since 1979. After 10 years of arduous work the botanical garden were open to the public; since then, the place has received millions of tourists both national and international.  Attractions: it comprises five hectares that exhibit scientific collections of live plants, which are grown for their conservation, investigation, dissemination and learning. There are approximately 324 plant species that can be observed in their natural habitat; also timber and fruit trees, ornamental and exotic plants. The gardens have a viewpoint that allows the observation of the Daule and Babahoyo rivers. 73 bird species can be observed throughout the year. Fauna: Birds: Scarlet, Blue-Yellow, Amazonas, Coroniamarilla, Alinaranka and Harinosa Parrots; Frenticastaño Macaw; Periquito Aliamarillo; Piquirojo Parrot; Perico Cabecioscuro and Cabeciazul Parrot. Mammals: white and black capuchin monkeys, manto rojo chichico, and squirrel monkey.  Fishes: duck fish, raspabalsas, coridora, severum, longfish, gancho rojo, moneda, palo de golf, leoporino listado and red piranha, besides, terrestrial and aquatic turtles.  Flora: it has a botanical sample of several Ecuadorian plant species, particularly from the tropical region of the coast. Comprises 324 perfectly identified species like: native and non-native trees collection, palm trees, cactus, fruit trees and ornamental plants; also tropical exotic plants that can be appreciated in its natural habitat.  The orchids are the main attraction; there are collections from the Ecuadorian Orchidaceae family, and other native species of the country like: bromeliads, tillandsias, heliconias, lotus flower and nepenthe, which is a carnivorous plant that was brought from Madagascar.  Activities: orchid permanent exhibitions (of more than 50 species) and medicinal plants. Services: group visits must be arranged previously to obtain the services of specialized guides.  Phone numbers: +593 (04) 289-9689 / +593 (04) 289-9933.  


Address: Francisco de Orellana Avenue, 24 ANE Street (Las Orquideas Citadel).

Working hours: Mondays to Sundays from 08h00 to 16h00.

Phone: + 593 (04) 289-9689 ó + 593 (04) 289-9933

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