History: the official website points out that Nelson Chiriboga’s property opened its doors to the public officially on July 25, 2002, but its history goes back to the 1980s, when the zoo started recruiting injured birds without the possibility of being returned to their natural habitat, wild pets abandoned by their owners and mainly animals from other zoos that closed their doors. Then, ten years later the number of animals increased since the zoo became a Wildlife Rescue Center sponsored by the then Inefan (currently Ministry of the Environment) and also for the confiscation carried out by the National Police Unit for the Protection of the Environment (U.P.M.A. for its acronym in Spanish). To finance the food and accommodation of the animals it was decided then to open the place to the public. The zoo, also serves the country as a tourist, ecological and educational place where the majority of Ecuador’s native flora and fauna is located. Regarding conservation, the Zoo works to rescue and rehabilitate as well to protect around 60 species in danger of extinction. Attractions: El Pantanal Zoo, located 15 minutes from Guayaquil, is a magical place that approaches the visitor to the animal habitat and allows them to see very rare species closely, which are worthy of admiration and puts the zoo at the same level of the best zoos in the world. In a tour led by a guide the visitor can appreciate: animals of the jungle as a Jaguar, an African lion, a Zebra, a Bengal Tiger, a Puma, an Ocelot, an Spectacled Bear; Andean species like the Llama; birds like: Harpy, Black-Chest, and Andean eagles, military and dwarf macaws, owls, parrots, flamingos, the Cattle Egret, and the only Macaw of Guayaquil; reptiles such as: a boa, crocodiles and a caiman; In addition to exotic animals such as squirrels, deer of white tail, a coastal Wolf, a crab raccoon, a camel, among the species that attract attention. Services: parking lots, souvenir souvenirs, and a bar. Phone number: + 593 (04) 226-7047. Website: www.zooelpantanal.com  


Address: Km 23 Daule Road

Working hours: Mondays to Sundays from 09h00 to 17h00.

Phone: 04 226 7047 - 04 226 7159 - 0994104973

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