History Data in Posorja is a beach located to the southwest of the Guayas province and its patron festivity is celebrated on March 19, in honor to San Jose and in which several popular celebrations are carried out. Is a zone that besides their peaceful beaches and despite its deserted ground due to the continual droughts and the warm weather, is known for its flora in which visitors can find species like algarrobo, cullulle, muyuyo, aromo, cascol, ciruela, junquillo, ceibo, pitajaya, balsa among others. Within the fauna it can be found a variety of birds like, gulls, herons, pelicans, albatross and mockingbirds. Attractions It has beautiful beaches with an approximate length of 2,5 kilometers in which the tourist can bathe in the sea. It is a placid location, destined for rest. During certain times of the year, a large variety of sea species reach its coasts, such as, sea wolfs, blue-footed boobies along a great variety of whales. Among the places to visit besides the beach, is the parish church, located at the entrance of the town which is a touristic attraction for its singular octagonal architecture, designed only with a of cover in the shape of a star. Just behind the church there is a path that descends to the beach that tourists visit often to watch the sunset and see the passage of ships that arrive and leave the port of Guayaquil.


Address: Kilometer 17 Via General Villamil – Posorja, 105 kilometers from Guayaquil.

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