History The history of El Velero Bridge goes back to the year 1998, when it was built by the construction company CPR Asociados Cia. Ltda. The work marks a milestone in the urban aesthetics of Guayaquil, standing out as "The most beautiful bridge of the country". It was remodeled as part of the urban regeneration project, carried out by the Municipality of Guayaquil and reopened on July 27 2005. The bridge, built in stages, was carried out by the Assembling Technique and Mechanical Construction Company (C.T.M.C.M. Cia. Ltda.), based on a contract signed on April 27, 2005 along with he Municipal Foundation, “Guayaquil Siglo XXI.” Marriott S.A. Company carried out the second stage, which was in charge of the illumination of the bridge. On both sides of the bridge, two wooden walkways were built so pedestrians can move from one place to another safely.   Attractions Is architectural design of modern style that simulates the shape of a sailboat and the natural surroundings of the Salado Estuary. At night, it offers great splendor, when its sails of canvas and fiber optic cable system illuminate in blue.  


Address: Bridge over the Salado Estuary, extension of Aguirre Street and Barcelona Avenue.

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